Replace Several Missing Teeth in a Row with a Dental Bridge

Patients missing one or several consecutive teeth can restore the appearance and function of their smile with a dental bridge. At Beautiful Smiles By Design, we offer both traditional and implant-supported dental bridges. With over 80 years of combined experience, our team of doctors can work together to provide every aspect of your care at our Miami, FL, office. Drs. Roy Greenberg and Laurence Stein can create your custom treatment plan and restoration while Dr. Judith Lubin can place your implants for high-quality results that you can rely on. 

A dental bridge comprises two crowns and one or more false teeth.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a type of restoration designed to replace one to three consecutive teeth in a row. Just as its name states, it bridges the gap left behind by your missing teeth to recover natural function and aesthetics. At Beautiful Smiles By Design, we offer both traditional and implant-supported bridges to meet the needs of each patient.

Traditional Bridge

A traditional bridge is typically made of a durable and aesthetically pleasing material, such as porcelain. It consists of at least one pontic, or artificial tooth, secured by dental crowns which are placed over existing teeth on each side. When properly cared for, traditional bridges can last over 10 years. 

Implant-Supported Bridge

If you desire a longer-lasting tooth replacement solution, we can provide an implant-supported bridge. Rather than using nearby teeth to secure your bridge, dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone. 

Dental implants fuse with your jawbone and function much like natural tooth roots, helping to counteract jawbone recession. Once the implants have healed and the bridge is fabricated, it is attached to the implants, providing a seamless fit. While the entire treatment process can take up to six months, an implant-supported bridge is built to last for decades. Our team can both place and restore dental implants. 

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

The best candidates for a dental bridge include patients missing one to three missing teeth who have good oral health. You should also be committed to maintaining a proper dental hygiene regimen in order to protect your remaining natural teeth and care for your restoration.

At Beautiful Smiles By Design, we offer both traditional bridges and implant-supported bridges to meet the unique needs of our patients.

If you are interested in an implant-supported bridge, your doctor will ensure you have sufficient jawbone remaining to support dental implants. When periodontal disease or bone loss is a concern, in some cases preliminary procedures can be performed beforehand to create a healthy foundation for your restoration.

Designing Your Customized Traditional Bridge

During your initial consultation, your doctor will perform an examination using x-ray technology to identify whether you are a good candidate for a traditional or implant bridge. When completing your comprehensive treatment plan, the doctor will also take into consideration your budget and personal goals. If you decide to receive an implant-supported bridge, you will first need to undergo dental implant surgery.

In most cases, a traditional bridge can be completed in about two office visits. During the first office visit, the abutment teeth are carefully prepared so the bridge fits seamlessly against your gumline. Once the teeth are reshaped, impressions are taken and sent to a local lab for the creation of your customized restoration. To help protect your teeth in the meantime, the doctor will attach temporary crowns.

When your custom bridge is completed, the doctor will remove the temporary crowns, check the fit, and cement it in place. Your teeth will then be polished to reveal a beautifully restored smile.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can provide several benefits, including: 

  • Realistic results
  • Restored function 
  • Improved speech

Many patients also enjoy increased self-confidence after closing the gap in their smile. 


While a traditional bridge is more affordable up front, we accept financing through CareCredit® and My Smile Care to help cover the expenses of an implant-supported restoration. If you are a candidate, we highly recommend dental implants as an investment in the long-term health of your smile. 

Personalized Restorative Care

Contact us online or call us at (305) 595-1556 to schedule your consultation. Our doctors will work with you to find a restorative solution that completes your smile and restores your confidence.

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